Better Together Book Review

Better Together with photographs done by Warren Photographic, is a book that takes beautiful photos of animals such as dogs, cats, bunnies, guinea pigs, and many other pets and puts them alongside a quote about friendship spoke from someone that is famous. The photos of the animals often include animals that do not normally pair well together, such as a dog and cat snuggling or a cat and an owl. The quotes, which are usually one to three sentences long, are from famous people like Helen Keller, Barack Obama, Mother Theresa, and Albert Einstein, just to name a few.

While the photographs are absolutely adorable, the book is rather boring. I was able to read the entire book in only a few minutes because it is a short book of friendship quotes. I also found the quotes difficult to understand, because it sounded like they were taken out of context from a famous person’s speech.

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The Case for Christ Review

With everything that has been happening in today’s modern world of science, it often seems to contradict what is said in the Bible. In The Case for Christ: Daily Moment of Truth by Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg, they are out to prove that the Bible is accurate and can be proved true whereas science is wrong and cannot be proved true. Through this devotional, Strobel, who used to be an atheist, writes about how scientists are wrong on many accounts about the Bible but if the Bible is read from cover to cover, a person will see that the Bible does not contradict itself and that it is the Holy Word of God. Also, the reader will learn why Christianity is the only true religion. This devotional starts off each day with a Bible verse, a short devotional, and then a Moment of Truth, which consists of a saying or verse that emphasizes the day’s devotion.

I highly recommend this book for any atheist/non-Christian or even any Christian because of the focus it has on the truth of Christianity and proof that the Bible is what is says it is. This devotional has some difficult words and topics in it so my rating is four stars. Other than that, it has really helped my faith grow and I have enjoyed reading this book.

I received this book free from Book Look Bloggers. All ideas are my own.

School Accommodations

Anxiety has always been a part of my life. It has stopped me from doing a lot of things. It also makes it difficult to do things.

For example, since I am in the dental assisting program, I have found myself shaking with anxiety every time I go chairside. The other day, we were learning orthodontics. I was most looking forward to this and actually found it kind of easy. However, I got to shaking and found it difficult to put the rubber bands on and to cement the bracket.

I told my counselor about my shakiness. She is at a loss about what to say. I have told my psychiatrist and she just put me on another medication. Finally, my counselor decided I should talk to the disability coordinator.

I know have accommodations at school. I can have extra time for my tests and I get a break every hour of class to help me relax.

I know accommodations are necessary for some people but I just feel like it is a waste for me. I was valedictorian and graduated Summa cum Laude from college the first time. And now I am a failure because I cannot handle my own life.

New Publishing Deal

I guess I forgot to mention something that happened at the beginning of January. One day, I opened up my email and found that a publisher was interested in a book I sent them.

Now, I have had two e-books self-published this last summer, but it is not the same thing. This time, my book is going to be in print. I do have to pay for part of the publishing because Zimbell, the company that I am going through, is a partnership publishing company.

The book doesn’t come out until probably next January. I am so excited because people will get to learn about having a relationship with Jesus. Plus, all money from royalties goes back to God.

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Goodbye, ‘Boyfriend’

I broke up with my ‘boyfriend’ a couple of days ago. I did it through email, just like I was considering in one of my previous posts. I told him that I was not ready for a relationship and that he deserved someone better than me because I get mood swings and have OCD and can’t touch him. I told him that I would still like to be friends. I got an email back several hours afterward where he told me he liked me the way that I am and that we would talk about this sometime face to face. He was free the next day but he never came.

After I broke up with him, I got to thinking about how much he really ‘cared.’ He has been without a phone for a month and during that time period, he contacted me about four or five times through email. It used to be when he had a phone it was several times each night. At first, I was grateful for the silence because I had finals to study for and that is why I didn’t try to contact him first. But after a while, I started not caring at all for him.

I feel I made the right decision. I just can’t help thinking about him more than I did when we were in our silent part of our relationship. I just don’t know how he is feeling and what to expect next.

2018 in Review

I did a lot of new things in 2018. Here are the highlights:

-flew on an airplane for the first time

-swam with a dolphin

-saw Winter the dolphin

-visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

-became one year clean from cutting

-visited Canada

-moved back to my hometown

-went back to school

-began seeing a psychiatrist

-had a ‘boyfriend’ and also broke up with him


How Do I Break Up with My Boyfriend?

I wrote yesterday about feeling disconnected to the guy I am ‘dating’ and how since we have been disconnected for a while, except through an occasional email, that I lost what little feeling I had towards him. Now that I have processed what I wrote about yesterday, I am ready to move on and break up.

I wish I could talk to my counselor about all this but I won’t see her until next week since I am seeing the school counselor currently. Personally, since he doesn’t have a cell phone, I feel the best way to break up with him is through email. That is how I would want it done. I know you are supposed to do it in person but I don’t want him to have to drive four hours here just so I can tell him to leave

I actually think my counselor will be proud of me for taking my own initiative and breaking up with him myself. However, she never approved of him anyway because he didn’t agree with my mental illness.

I wish I had a friend to talk to about this. I just need somebody. I can’t tell my mom because she never even knew we were ‘dating.’ I just need some advice.


I do not know if I mentioned this, but the guy that I adamantly said I did not want for a boyfriend this summer became my ‘boyfriend’ this fall. I say that because I really don’t see it working out. We both have different goals in life. About the only thing we have in common is that we are both Christians.

It used to be that since he lived four hours away, he would come for the weekend and go back Monday morning. That all changed though because of his job and my schooling. It just hasn’t worked out for us to see each other since before Thanksgiving.

Normally, we would stay in touch through texting but a couple of weeks ago, I got an email saying he was getting a new phone. Another email a few weeks later said that he still did not have his new phone but that he hoped to come at the end of the month.

I really feel like this time apart has been good for us. I don’t give him much thought and so it makes me really wonder if I do care even the slightest about him. I never cared much before, but now I really don’t care. I am secretly hoping that either he can’t come at the end of the month or that I have plans.

Beautiful Sequin Bible

The Sequin Sparkle and Change Bible: Pink is a children’s Bible that has a cover with sequins that when you rub the opposite direction, change from pink to silver. These changing sequins are very popular right now. The inside of the Bible is just as great. In the beginning, there is a timeline of the church. At the back, there are there are several pages devoted to the names of God, the disciples, maps, the miracles of Jesus, and kids in the Bible. I also really like how this Bible has highlighted certain verses that are important and usually well-known.

I highly recommend this Bible for young girls not only because of the awesome cover but also because it is written in plain English which makes it easier to understand than other Bibles. Plus, with the highlighted verses, girls will learn the important verses of the Bible. It is a great starter for kids learning about God and Jesus.

I received this book from Book Look Bloggers. All ideas are my own.

Facebook Birthday Challenge

I am not the most popular person. I have trouble making friends and a very difficult time keeping them. Part of my problem is that I suffer from depression and I become withdrawn and disconnect from people. I have a lot of Facebook friends because they are easier to keep. I don’t have to talk to them. They are all people that I have had some acquaintance with in life but they don’t expect anything from me. However, when it comes to birthday greetings from my Facebook friends, I don’t get a lot. I get the important ones from people that I really do care about and I know that that is what should count. There are times though when I just want people to acknowledge my existence.

This year, I just happened to be depressed on my birthday. The birthday greetings I got on Facebook were nice. They showed me that people do care. Even if I did not get nearly as many as most people, and a majority of my Facebook friends didn’t post, those who did really helped me.

That is why I came up with the Facebook birthday challenge. It is my goal to wish all of my Facebook friends a happy birthday, even if we aren’t that close. It is important to show people that you care. You also don’t know what a person is going through on what is supposed to be a happy day. Every day, I wish each of my friends happy birthday. It does make me feel good, especially if they acknowledge it. I challenge everyone to wish all their Facebook friends a happy birthday. It is important.