30 Day Christian Music Challenge

Last year, I happened to be listening to my mom’s radio station as they talked about the 30 Day Challenge. The challenge involved listening to nothing but Christian music for thirty days. I really did not think I would be capable of doing the challenge. I mean, I like Christian music but I also like other types of music.

God would not let me forget about the challenge though and one day, I finally decided to sign up. A couple hours later, I almost gave in and listened to other music. I had to pray for the strength to continue the challenge for the next thirty days. It was very difficult for me. I do not own a lot of Christian music and the playlist on my computer was short. I had to switch my radio station and quit listening to my CDs.

At the end of the month, I reflected on what I had learned during the challenge. In the past, I had always been quick to give up if something got tough. With the challenge, I learned that I was capable of doing difficult things if I had God on my side. I also realized that some of the music I liked to listen to was really not appropriate for a Christian to be listening to.

This year, I debated about whether I should do the 30 Day Challenge. Again, God would not let me forget about it. But this time, I knew what I was getting into. And again, I am praying for God to give me the strength to complete the challenge. But this time, I know I can do it!


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