A Day in the Life of Depression

Only one in ten people will experience depression sometime in their lifetime. While that is a lot, that still means that nine out of ten people will not experience depression and will not understand its powerful effects. Here is a little description of a day in the life of a depressed college student.

In the morning, it is difficult to get out of bed. Bed is the safe zone. Being asleep means that you do not have to deal with reality. Once you leave that bed, you have to face the real world and deal with all of life’s problems.

Once you finally get out of bed, you slowly get ready for the day. Rather than go to a lot of work on your appearance, you will take a lot of shortcuts. You no longer care what you look like and do not want to put forth the effort. You settle for wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants. You throw your hair up in a messy ponytail.

Once you are finally ready, it is time for breakfast. You look around the cafeteria and even though you see people you know, you choose to eat by yourself because you are not up for dealing with people. If you eat with people, you would have to put on a fake smile and participate in conversation and you would much rather be alone with your thoughts. You go get your breakfast of cereal and a donut because food gives you comfort. You eat it all.

After you finish eating, you walk slowly to class and take your usual seat. You go through the motions of being a college student and taking notes but really, you are lost in your own mind. You are feeling the overwhelming sadness. You are wondering why you are bothering to go through with college at all. It all seems pointless because you will never amount to anything. It would almost be better if you were not here on this earth. Suddenly, the teacher says something and you panic because you did not hear her. You are finding it very difficult to concentrate.

After a long morning of classes, you go to lunch with your friends. They are talking but you are not really participating in the conversation because you have nothing to say about your miserable life. Besides, you are more absorbed in your own thoughts.

After you finish eating, you go to work. The whole time you are there though, you feel that you should be back in your dorm room. You have a ton of homework and you are not sure how you are going to get it all done tonight. Suddenly, pain shoots across your forehead. This happens frequently throughout the afternoon. Soon, the pain will become one of your usual headaches.

Finally, work is over and you meet your friends for a quick dinner before heading back to the dorms for homework. Just like in class, you are finding it difficult to concentrate. You finally decide you will be better off if you go to the library. On your way there, tears threaten to fall as you think about your sad, hopeless, stressful life. You do not end up spending much time at the library because you do not feel like doing homework.

You come back to your dorm room and you pretend to look busy so that your roommate does not start asking questions. All you really want to do is go to bed. Finally, it is a decent time to go to bed so you do so, knowing that tomorrow will be just as bad as today.

If there is a lot of anxiety, some things will change. Instead of getting a ton of sleep, you will wake up in the middle of the night and be unable to fall back asleep. Finally, you succeed but you wake up exhausted. Then, instead of eating a large breakfast, you find it difficult to get a couple bites down because you feel you will be sick.

That is a day in the life of a depressed college student. It is absolutely horrible. And this will go on for quite awhile. It is not just temporary. But now you have more of an idea of what life is like with depression.


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