After College Graduation

In my elementary education college classes, my instructors always emphasized having a good GPA and getting involved in professional organizations in the education department. Everyone kept telling me that there was a need for good teachers. I had almost straight A’s and I participated in an educational organization so I figured that I was all set. I figured I would have no problems finding a teaching job in this troubled economy.

The day before graduation (I graduated in December), my school held interviews for some of the bigger schools in the area. I was interested in one of the schools so I agreed to go. I was given no information about what to do beforehand for these special interviews and I felt unprepared. Afterwards, I learned that I never would have gotten the job anyway because it was out of state and I did not have the appropriate teaching certificate.

When I realized that I would have no job for the spring semester, I looked into subbing. But living in a different state from my teaching certificate, I discovered that I was not able to sub until I got the appropriate teaching certificate.

Applying for the teaching certificate felt like two steps forward and one step back. There were a lot of steps involved and it was difficult to understand all that needed to be done. It frustrated me when I thought that I had accomplished something only to learn of something else I needed to do. But after a few weeks, I had finally completed the background check and filled out the appropriate forms, gotten my official transcripts, and then finally mailed the whole thing to the state.

I was told that it take awhile for my application to be processed so in the meantime, I applied at a couple different jobs. I never heard back from either of them. Also during that time, I was offered a job as a night custodian at the high school. I lasted three days.

It actually did not take very long for my teaching certificate to arrive. I was thankful. I was very bored sitting around at home doing nothing. I figured I would be subbing all the time at my old elementary school. I thought wrong though. That is why I also decided to sub at the school were I did my student teaching. Both schools claimed to be desperate for subs but they did not call me much. They preferred retired teachers.

I only got a couple jobs throughout the semester. I guess that was ok with me because I was beginning to realize that I hated subbing. I hated not knowing the students or what trying to figure out what the teacher had planned. I dreaded the phone ringing in the early mornings.

I spent the rest of the time applying for full time teaching jobs in two states. The application process was very repetitive. I applied for any school where I met the requirements. I did get a couple of interviews but got no jobs. I had worked hard to get those jobs too. I had practiced my interview questions countless times and gone over my education notes until I had them memorized. It was even more frustrating when I would get rejection letters without even an interview.

Right before the end of the semester, I was asked to sub a couple times in the elementary school where I had gone to. I was excited because I had never been called to do elementary there. I had done elementary subbing at the other school but in this district, I had only been called for middle school.

I was supposed to be in kindergarten for two mornings while the teacher did reading assessments. The class was absolutely horrible. They talked nonstop and every time we lined up to go somewhere, a boy would hide and then run around the room. Restroom breaks took forever because they were using that time to get in trouble. I thought about telling the office that I refused to go back the next day but since I had already committed to go, I knew I had no choice.

The other time I went to the elementary was for severe special ed. I did not want to go because I do not know how to work with those kids. It was a very boring day. I really did not like it because I felt like a babysitter that only had to get after kids for bad behavior.


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