Camping Every Weekend

When my family first got the camper, they decided to go camping almost every weekend. At first, it was fun. But then, it got boring. Camping was miserable. I hated almost every part of it.

When we went camping, my mom would make breakfast in the morning. She never does that at home but I am totally ok with that because I hate cooked breakfast. I would much rather have a bowl of cereal.

After breakfast, dishes had to be done. Dishes would take twice as long because the water had to be heated and then the dishes needed to be dried. If we were at home, dishes would be much simpler. I saw nothing fun about dishes while camping.

After the dishes were done, it was time to find something to do to entertain myself. My dad would get mad if we read all weekend. What was I supposed to do? I am not a nature person. I really do not want to go get a bunch of bug bites by walking on the trails. If it was cold, I could not go swimming. If it was hot, the swim beach would be too crowded. If I was at home, I would have a lot more options (and they would not be computer or television).

After a long and boring day, we would be forced to go to bed early because my dad likes to go to bed early. We could not stay up around the campfire or read in our beds. You try falling asleep when you are not tired.

What made the weekend even worse is if it was really cold. Then, you would be huddled in sweatshirts and blankets all weekend, unable to do much but try to stay warm. What is fun about that? If I was home, the cold would not be much of an issue.

Then, there was the issue of the restroom. If you needed to go, you had to walk quite a ways to the dirty, disgusting, restroom. If you wanted to take a shower, it was probably cold.

I was glad when I finally was old enough to stay home from camping. I hated cramming into the small camper that had no privacy and no space and made for a long, boring weekend.


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