College and Sports

Many kids dream about playing on a sports team in college and then playing for the pros. But for kids, it is just a dream. As they get older, they may develop other interests or realize that their dream was never practical.

Many parents want their child to play sports in college because it will mean a scholarship. Some parents will push their child to participate in several different leagues and tournaments throughout the year. They will drive several hours away to participate in these events.

My aunt did that to my cousin. There were not many weekends when she was not playing in some kind of basketball tournament.

I feel very sorry for kids that have parents like that. These parents push their kids too hard and take away their opportunity to be a kid. Fun is taken out of the sport as they are forced to play it every day.

And the thing is, how many of these kids are actually good enough to play at college? How many of them actually want to play at the college level? I know of a couple college students that did not like the stress of college sports. They had practices a couple times a day and they often had to miss class to go to games. Outside of class and sports, they had no life. I know of college students that will give up their scholarship and go to a different school where they are not going to play sports. There, they are much happier.

I have nothing against college sports. I am just saying that college sports should be what the kids want, not the parents. And the kids should do it because it is what they should enjoy. Parents should lay off their kids and let them explore their own interests and have time to be a kid.


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