Don’t Touch Me

As a teacher, I have a big rule about not touching others. I know some people are more comfortable with touching and being touched, but I am not. So it is just easier to have all students keep their hands to themselves.

There are some people that just like to touch others for no reason. They like to sneak up behind them and touch them. They like to touch people as they walk by. I have several people like that in my family. It drives me crazy. I feel like I have to watch my back whenever I am around them.

I also do not like touching other people’s hands. I do believe that I have mild OCD and that is my problem. But I hate shaking people’s hands because all I can think about is the germs that are now transferring to my hands.

I also really do not like to be hugged. Hugging means that I have to touch people and they have to touch me. Then, I feel like I am being held too tight and I am never going to escape. I never initiate hugs.

I know there are many positive aspects to touching and being touched but it does not mean that I like it.


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