Family Reunions

I really like my family and enjoy spending time with them. I really like family activities as well. One thing I do not like though is family reunions. Thankfully, we only have to go to the one on my dad’s side.

Every August, we go to a community center for the family reunion. My family is one of the first to arrive and one of the last to leave because we have to help set up and then clean up. Once everyone arrives, we eat a huge meal and then my brothers and I are ready to go home. The only people I know in the entire room are my grandparents and aunts. They want nothing to do with me or my brothers or me because they are busy talking to people that I do not know.

When I was little, my aunt would sometimes take all the kids to the park. We all really liked that because it got us out of the community center and away from the boring adults that just wanted to talk. We never got to stay very long so then we would come back to the community center and be bored.

I was glad when I went off to college and then I did not have to go. My dad told me I was to come home for the family reunion but I refused. The family reunion is always on a Sunday. It just so happened that my school started classes the next day. Even though I had always moved in several days before and already had my books and everything I needed, I still was not going to drive home for something I did not enjoy. Besides, I was the type of person that liked to be back early on Sunday.

My family is crazy and decided that we did not have enough family reunions though. That is why they decided there needed to be a cousin reunion held a couple weeks before the other family reunion every year.

This one was not as bad. It was held in someone’s backyard and they had a pool. Plus, it was a smaller group of people and I knew most of them. The fun was taken out of it shortly after the tradition started though because one time right after we arrived, my parents got a call that my other grandparents had been in a car accident. They left and a few hours later, they called to say that my grandma had died. The next year, none of us wanted to go to the cousin reunion because everyone remembered the bad memories.


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