High School Activities

When I first started freshman year of high school, a senior came up to my friends and me and asked if we were thinking about joining a certain organization. I had never even heard of the group which was weird since the high school and the middle school are connected. I should have heard about the group when I was in middle school.

I decided that since I had never heard of the group, I was not going to join because they probably did not do much. And sure enough, they did not. The group celebrated with activities for one week and then they went to a conference one other day. They only did a few other things throughout the year. A majority of the school belonged to this organization because they liked getting out of school one day a year to attend the conference.

On the day of the conference my sophomore year, very few people were left in my biology class. A teacher walked into the room and began telling us how ashamed she was that we were there at all. She said we needed to get involved.

I was angered by her remarks. Just because I did not belong to that group did not mean I was not involved. In fact, I belonged to a community service organization that was always working on a service project of some kind. Not to mention I was part of 4-H, which also had a lot of service projects. I was also in a couple other groups so I was busy.

I have never had a very high opinion of this teacher ever since then. She also thinks that sports are the only thing that is important.


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