I know some people have good things to say about homeschooling. They say that their kids are smarter and farther ahead of kids the same age that go to public school. That may be so, but there are also kids that should not be homeschooled and are. Because of it, they are actually worse off than if they had gone to public school.

When I was in school, there was a homeschooled girl that came for choir and band. And when we got in high school, she also took Spanish and participated in other music activities. It got to the point where she was spending a good part of the day at school. She even participated in our prom and senior trip. But in the end, there was one thing she was not able to do with our class: Graduated. She sang with the rest of the seniors at graduation but that was the end of her participation.

When this girl got to college, she was not doing very well in her classes. It did not exactly surprise me. While she seemed like a bright girl, I wondered how much she actually learned in high school. She spent most of the day at the school for music activities. If I was her, I would not feel like doing schoolwork after I got home.

There was another guy at my school that decided he was going to be homeschooled but after a couple years, he came back for a few classes. He was another bright student but when he came back, he had to take classes with the year below mine. Finally, he quit school when he found out that he was not going to get to graduate with the rest of us. He did go back and get his GED and eventually went to college but he did not finish.

Finally, I had a roommate in college that had been homeschooled. She had done very well academically and had no problem with her college classes. But she was lacking in another area. She had had very few social experiences before she got to college. At first, she had a hard time making friends because she did not get out much. After she did though, she would constantly talk about how cool her friends were and how much she enjoyed hanging out with them. Her comments were not exactly normal. You could tell that she was experiencing something that many people experience as a young kid.

There were times I often wished I had been homeschooled because than I would not have had to waste time waiting for other students to understand what I already knew. Homeschooling also meant that I would be able to have a shorter school day. But looking back, I am glad that I went to public school. I learned so much that I would not have been able to learn at home.


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