I Did Not Ask for Your Advice

Lately, it seems like everyone I know is trying to tell me what to do. What really annoys me is that they do not know what they are talking about. Then, they do not understand why I do not listen to them. Occasional advice would not bother me from well meaning friends and family. But this is getting ridiculous. If I wanted their advice, I would ask.

I love fish and was really upset when my fish died. My friend who is not an animal lover and knows nothing about fish tried to give me several reasons of why he died. She told me my filter was probably not good for the fish and several other things. If she knew a thing about fish or had done a lot of research, I would not have been so angry. It is any wonder why I ignored her advice?

I was not feeling that great several months ago and the same friend that gave me advice about fish was telling me to go to the doctor. She actually made me promise to go to the doctor by the end of August (this was in April). I promised her but knew that I was going to break the promise. I did not need to go to the doctor only to be charged a ton of money. I was doing a lot better. If she ever asks whether I fulfilled that promise, I will just tell her that because I was gone the entire summer, I was not able to take care of it and have been fine the whole time.

Finally, since I am only a substitute teacher, people are constantly telling me to apply at different places or about teacher jobs they have read about in the paper. It really annoys me. I know these people care. Sometimes though, I do not even meet the requirements for the job. And another time, I barely knew the person who tried telling me what to do. Plus, if I take another job and get out of education, that is only going to make getting a real teaching job all that much harder.

I know people care about me, but if I wanted so much advice I would ask for it. There is a reason I rarely ask for people’s opinions and advice. It is because I do not want the honest truth.


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