I Hate Subbing 2

Ever since I learned that I have a teaching job for next fall, I have gotten very bad about turning down sub jobs. I have always hated subbing but I have rarely turned down a sub job because I needed the money. Plus, I wanted to make a good impression in case one of the schools was hiring. But now, I have turned down so many jobs in the last few weeks.

One week, my aunt was coming so I turned down a job so that I could see her. That same week, I turned down another job because my mom had decided to go to the city to do some shopping. Even though I did not need anything, I had still planned on going. And since the call for the job came after the school day had already started, I already had my hopes set on going shopping.

This week, my least favorite school called one morning. I turned down the job because I do not like the school (it is really big and kind of far away). Rather than face the really bad anxiety that comes with jobs for that school, I turned the job down.

The same school called last night. I let it ring in my hand. I did listen to the voicemail, but I did not respond.

I know I am being really rude to that school. The only reason I sub there is because someone told me that I would get a lot of jobs. At the time, I was not getting very many jobs at the three schools I was at so I decided to add one more. I really have not gotten that many jobs from that school, which has made me grateful in the long run. Like I said, the school is kind of big and farther than I want to drive. I was also hoping that by subbing at this school, it might increase my chances of getting hired.

I have a feeling that the school will call me again tonight because the job is for a future date. I really want to tell her that I no longer want to sub at that school. But does that sound really funny when it is April and the school year is almost over?

I hate subbing so much. I only have five more weeks of subbing but it is going way too slow.


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