I Hate Subbing

I am a substitute teacher but not by choice. And I absolutely hate it. I absolutely dread schools calling for subs. I often pray that I will not have to sub several days a week.

No student likes subs. I did not like subs when I was in school either. Subs do not know the rules and procedures in the classroom. There is always at least one student that likes to say how things are done. I even had a student get after me for telling the class to go take a restroom break after recess.

Subbing is very unpredictable. Calls can come in early in the early morning or right before school starts. Sometimes, calls can even come in throughout the day. It makes it very hard to plan your day when you have no idea when the phone will ring.

Students often do not behave for subs. They think they can get away with more because the sub does not know the rules.

Subs also have no idea what the day will be like when they walk into an unfamiliar classroom. Some classes are better than others and the students are better behaved. Other classes are nightmares. Plus, some teachers leave really good lesson plans and other teachers leave very little or confusing lesson plans.

Subbing is absolutely horrible. There are some people that think I purposely choose to sub rather than teach full time. I think very few people would choose subbing. All subs have their reasons: Family, retired, or looking for a job.


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