I Hate the Phone

For years, the sound of the ringing phone fills me with dread. At first, you do not know who is calling. Then, you do not know why they are calling. And in my experiences, the phone brings more bad news than good news.

Back when I was in fifth grade, I got in trouble at school. At the time, I thought it was the worst thing I had ever done. I was almost sure that my teacher was going to call my parents. Then, I was sure the parents of the other girl involved would call my parents. For the entire school year, I was sure that every phone call was either my teacher or the girl’s parents.

In college, the phone ringing was always one of my friends. I did not actually mind their phone calls most of the time. But I had one friend that would call me all the time during breaks because she was bored. And she never had anything to say. It finally got to the point where there were times when I would not answer my phone when I saw that she was calling.

When I worked as pool manager one summer, I hated answering the phone and there were times when I actually ignored people’s calls and did not call them back. If the lifeguards were calling, they wanted to let me know that they were unable to work and I did not want to hear it. If it was my boss calling, he usually did not have anything good to say. He usually wanted to yell at me for something or tell me information that I really did not want to hear.

Most recently, the ringing phone is about sub jobs. If the phone rings early in the morning, I automatically know that I am working for the day. If the phone rings during the day, I am worried that it is a school needing a sub immediately.

Finally, there have been other incidents in the past where the phone has brought more bad news. The phone has brought the news of my grandma’s death. It has also told me that I had been rejected for several jobs that I have applied for.

Why must only bad news come through the phone? When will good news come?


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