I Take Care of My Things

In school, people often teased me because they would think that I had the same things for a long time. I do not see what the problem was though. It was not like there was anything wrong with my things. I took care of them so I did not need new stuff every year. And why should I buy something new just because the other one is getting a little old. That is just a waste of money.

My computer is from 2003. It is a little slow, but considering I only use it to write and play games, it is no big deal. It still works just fine. Besides, computers are very expensive. And this computer has outlived my parents’ newer computer. Really, I am just thankful that I have a computer at all. I do not need the newest device to type and play games.

My winter coat is several years old. Someone made the comment that I had it for a long time. I think I began wearing it before middle school. But it has only just recently started to wear out. And before that, there was nothing wrong with my coat. It is still in style and it does its job. It keeps me warm.

We live in a very wasteful society. We throw things away because we want something newer. But I see no point in wasting money for something that is not needed. My possessions may be old but I think in a way, that is a good thing. Stuff is not made very well today. So my stuff will probably last even longer than newer things!


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