Job Envy

The last year of not having a real job has changed me as a person. I am usually a very caring person. I care about all people and have a difficult time disliking anyone. I can usually find something I like about everyone. But not having a job caused me to dislike everyone that did have a job.

I remember getting a rejection letter from a school where I had applied. In the letter, I was told the usual: A lot of great people applied but not everyone got the interview. Then, they said who got the job. I knew the girl because she had been in some of my college classes. Even though I really did not know her that well, I found myself disliking her because she had the job I had wanted.

The school where I did my student teaching had an opening this year. I was sure I was going to get the job but eventually had to give up hope of getting an interview when the beginning of the school year approached. When I went back to sub later, I discovered that the person who had gotten the job had already worked at the school the year before and decided to do something different. Even though the teacher was very nice, I still found myself disliking her. I wanted her job.

I did not just dislike people that had teaching jobs. I also disliked people that had good jobs (anything that made more than minimum wage). I also found that I disliked people that had retired or lived in nursing homes because they did not have the problem of finding a job to do for the rest of their life. They were looking at enjoying the rest of their life and not working.

The job market today is very cruel to all people. It does not matter how much education you have. It is difficult to find a job.


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