Kids Don’t Read

I subbed in seventh and eighth grade last week. I told the students that when they got done with their assignment, they had several options. They could play games on their computers, work on homework, or read. One student asked me who would honestly choose to read. She had a point though. Of all the students I had that day, only one student chose to read a book. The rest played games on their computers.

            It is pretty rare to find kids that want to read anymore. There are so many things that they can do with technology that books get pushed aside. I find that when I am subbing, students think they are being tortured if they are told to read.

            When I was in school, there wasn’t all the technology that there is today. I always carried around a book. It sat right underneath my pencil case and was there for when I had finished all my homework in study hall or if class got over a few minutes before the bell rang. Sometimes, I would count on the few extra minutes in a class to finish a book.

            Why don’t kids want to read anymore? There are so many benefits to reading such as expanded vocabulary, new knowledge, and conversation. And compared to technology, reading is a much cheaper hobby.

            It is sad that because of technology, which can do wonderful things in the classroom, reading is being lost. Reading is going to be a necessary skill forever. And it is so much fun.


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