Kids Having Cell Phones

The other day, I was subbing in second grade and a girl told me that she got the new iPhone for Christmas. I could not believe that a second grader got such an expensive phone. I could not believe that a second grader got a cell phone at all. Kids that age do not need cell phones. They should always be with an adult who will have a cell phone they can use. Plus, second graders are not responsible enough to have such an expensive phone. To them, it is just a toy anyway. I mean, how many of their friends have cell phones that they can call?

I was telling my friend about this girl and we talked about an appropriate age for cell phones. We decided that middle school students could have phones if they are in sports and constantly need to call their parents for rides or to let them know about games or practices.

Not all high school students need phones either. Again, kids that are in sports or other activities should probably have phones. Also, kids that are driving should have a phone just in case something happens.

Not every kid needs a cell phone. Unfortunately, it has come to the point where if any kid does not have one, they do not fit in with the rest of the class.


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