Letter to School Associate

Dear school associate,

I am writing today to talk about the day that you took my sub job. I do not know your side of the story so I do not want to accuse you of anything but I am still angry about that day.

On Tuesday of that week, I was subbing for one of the associates in the resource room. I was to be there for two days. At one point, the secretary called on the classroom phone and asked if I would sub Thursday for a different associate. I agreed.

Later that day, the teacher asked who was subbing on Thursday and I replied that I was. Even the associate that I was subbing for said it was me. She had an absent request form with my name on it. But that is when you said you were subbing.

I did not say anything for several reasons. For one, I am very confused by the associate hours this year. Some of you come late, others leave early, and some only come in certain days of the week. Also, there was a time last year when I was asked to sub for an associate but when I arrived, I was told that some of the associates were switching jobs to make things easier on me.

The next day, I decided I had better talk to the teacher since she kept insisting that you were subbing for that associate on Thursday and plus, she was going to be gone herself. The teacher said she did not know what I was doing but she would check. She told me later that I would be subbing for a high school associate.

I was very angry at learning that I would be going to the high school. I am not a high school sub. If I had known that I was going to go to the high school, I would have refused the job at the beginning.

After a sleepless night, I went and talked to the secretary. She knew nothing about what was going on and went to talk to the principal. Then, she told me that I had my job back.

The reason I do not want to accuse you of anything is because I do not know all the circumstances. I know this associate was gone the week before. Maybe you just assumed you would sub again for her. Maybe you were hoping to do some switching with other associates that day. But also, maybe you just decided you wanted a sub job and took it. My name was on the paper and the secretary had asked me. And if that is the case, I am very angry for what you did.


Kimberly Adams


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