Living in a Large Family

Poor. Crowded. Chaotic. Loud. Those are all words that describe living in a large family. If I could have previewed life with a large family, I probably would have asked my parents not to have so many kids. Of course, now, I wouldn’t get rid of any of them. But still, life can still be difficult at times.

            The worst thing about having a large family is not having the money to do things that other families can do. As kids, we never got to go the movie theatre or swimming pool because it cost too much for our entire family to go. I always felt left out because I wanted to be just like every other kid. There are lots of other things we never got the opportunity to do because by the time eight people were paid for, it just wasn’t worth it (according to my parents). This meant no whitewater rafting on vacation.

            Nothing is even meant for eight people. Dinner tables do not seat eight people (my parents managed to crowd eight people at the table though). Campers are not made for eight people so in our first camper we were crowded together to sleep. Vehicles are not typically made for large families. Even food is not made for big families. We often were told we couldn’t buy certain foods because they wouldn’t serve our family. Even our living room isn’t made for that many people. If we wanted to watch TV together, some of us would have to sit on the floor because there weren’t enough places for everyone to sit.

            Living in a house with eight people is also very chaotic and loud. Everybody needed to be in different places at the same time and my parents often had a difficult time figuring out how they would get everyone where they needed to be. As the oldest, I could often take care of myself. But my parents wouldn’t even remember where I was going. They obviously had more important things on their mind.

            Poor, crowded, chaotic, and loud are all words that describe living in a large family. Even though I will never have a family this size, I wouldn’t give up any of my family members now.


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