My Experience at a Casino

The other night, my friend called me. She said that she was at the casino in town with her boyfriend. She said she was not much of a gambler and wanted to hang out with me. I agreed even though gambling is against my personal beliefs. I was not going to gamble. I just wanted to be with my friend.


I always thought casinos were supposed to be enjoyable places. I expected there to be slot machines that looked fun. I expected to see people occasionally cheering about a great win. But after that night, I cannot see how people want to spend a lot of time at the casino. I did not see anything that seemed enjoyable from my perspective.


First of all, the casino was very smoky. If I had my choice, I would have hung out with my friend outside. But it was too cold to be out there for long. I had to wash my coat when I got home because it smelled.


Also, the slot machines looked totally lame. There were not fun pictures or anything that attracted me to even one machine. Even if I was a gambler, I would not want to play any of them.


Finally, I cannot see how a person can stand to play the same game for so long (slot machine or table). The only thing that changes is whether you are winning or losing. Otherwise, it is all the same. It would get boring to me after awhile.


And really, I cannot see why a person would want to do much gambling at all. I know my friend’s boyfriend left in the hole. And my friend was given about a dollar from someone for a slot machine and all she won were a few extra free spins. The goal of a casino is to take your money. They are not looking to pay you much.


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