My Friends

I am not the most social person. I have difficultly making friends. The friends I have had through life I thank God for because I do not know how in the world I ever became friends with them. The friends I have had I expected to stay in contact with for the rest of my life. I thought we were really close and that time and distance would not separate us. Unfortunately, that did not happen but I guess that is ok because those friends have been replaced with other friends.


I was friends with almost every girl in my class in kindergarten. But than the next year, none of them were in my class and they did not want to hang out with me. I could not understand why but I guess I lucked out because I met a girl that I was friends with all the way through high school. We met on the playground and something just clicked.


I met my best friend in second grade when we were in the same class. We had a lot in common. As we got into high school, we changed some and that affected our friendship. We still were close but I would not call ourselves best friends. We had other people we hung out with more. I tried to stay in contact with her after high school but it really did not work out. We were at different places in our lives and no longer had much in common.


I met some other friends as I went through elementary school and high school. Some of them became really good friends and others were really good acquaintances. Some of them I am still friends with on Facebook but I really could unfriend them and be ok with it. They meant something to me at one point though.


When I got into college, my high school friends did not do a very good job at staying in contact. I found out though that I really did not care about them anymore. We were at different places in our lives. While I tried to hang out with some of them, it was just weird. I really did not have a lot to say anymore.


I struggled to make friends when I was in college. My first friend was someone I had met in one of my classes but we hardly ever saw each other. She invited me to a church activity once and that is when I met a girl that I became really good friends with. That was not until November of my freshman year though. Because of her, I met several other people and became friends with them.


I met a few people without her help but mostly, I just hung out with her and her friends that soon became my friends.


My sophomore year, I decided to be roommates with my first college friend but it did not work out. I learned things about her that I did not know beforehand. It was probably part of the reason we drifted apart. We were unable to room together the next year.


My sophomore year, my best college friend introduced me to a freshman and we slowly became really good friends. We decided to room together the next year. We were both worried because we were very close at that point. We had watched my relationship fall apart with my sophomore roommate and we didn’t want that to happen to us.


If anything, rooming together actually made us closer. We could always count on each other. We were interested in the same things. We ate every meal together and usually went to the same activities. We were never very far apart. We became best friends.


My last year at college, I watched almost all of my relationships fall apart. I was drug into several disagreements between my friends and forced to pick sides. We were on better terms by the end of the year but it was too late; the damage had been done. I guess that was ok though. It made saying goodbye easier. It was more permanent.


I can only say that I have one real friend now. That would be the girl I roomed with my junior year. I cannot say that I really want any more friends. Even though I rarely see my friend, our relationship is still working and is still really strong. I do not think I would have that if I had several friends.



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