No Definition of Normal

There is no definition for normal. Our idea of normal is based on ourselves and our perception of the world. We think of normal as what a majority of people do. We also think of ourselves as normal and anyone that is different from us is not normal. There can be no definition of what is normal and what is not. What is usual for one person is not usual for another. Families across the United States and the world are all unique. And for people who like normal, how can you ever learn to appreciate or try something new if you are all about being normal?


People who get to know me often laugh because according to their definition of normal based on the perception of the world, I am very strange. I would rather do research on the internet than be on Facebook. I would rather read or write than go to the mall. I would rather listen to Disney songs than the top forty. I would rather take care of animals than hang out with my friends. I would rather have a family movie night than go to the movie theatre. I would rather write a letter than talk on the phone. I would rather watch a musical than TV shows. When people learn the things I like to do, they like to laugh and tease because I am not just like them. According to them, I am not normal.


People are also quick to laugh and make suggestions when it comes to my appearance because I am not normal. They do not like how I do not look like anyone else. I have wavy, frizzy hair. People are quick to suggest I straighten and put some kind of product in my hair so that it looks normal. I do not wear makeup. Again, girls have frequently told me what I should do with my face so that I look like everyone else. Finally, people are quick to judge my clothes because they are not normal.


If everyone in the world was normal, it would be very boring. Everyone would be exactly the same. I like how I am not the average person. I like how people are unique. And because of that, there can be no definition of normal.


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