Top 10 Crazy Things People Say and Do at an Amusement Park

Top 10 Crazy Things People Say and Do at an Amusement Park



After working at an amusement park for two summers, I realized I have heard and seen some pretty crazy things. Here are just a few of them.

  1. “Will I fit?”

I hate it when people ask me this question because I honestly do not know. Sometimes, it is iffy and I know they are trying to save themselves from embarrassment but I cannot answer that question. Usually, I tell these people which are the bigger seats. One time though, I had a woman that was only a few pounds overweight ask me if she would fit and I really just wanted to laugh.

  1. Parents squeeze themselves onto kiddie rides

There is a maximum height requirement on kiddie rides because if a person is any taller than that, they will not fit. Some parents do not know that rule though and when you turn around, you find them already sitting on the ride. Another time, I told a girl that she could not ride. She did not really trust her little sister so when the ride got started, she ran around the ride until she realized that her sister was fine.

  1. “They are almost tall enough to ride.”

Parents sometimes insist their child ride thrill rides even though they are about four inches too short. Then, parents say that that is close enough. If it was good enough, then the ride manufactures would have made the height requirement lower.

  1. When kids get really excited, they run to your ride

I think it is really funny when kids run up to my ride; especially when the ride is already in motion. It is not like I am going to stop the ride and let them on. So really, they ran for no reason.

  1. “Mom, I do not want to ride.”

I turned around and looked at that kid and did not think she was tall enough. Sure enough, she was not. But the mother told me that they had been on the ride last week. I did not understand why she was trying to argue with me because the girl did not want to go anyway.

  1. “Is my kid tall enough to ride because sometimes he is and sometimes he is not.”

Every ride operator is different in their measuring. But when the woman told me that he only got to ride occasionally, I knew he was not going to ride with me operating.

  1. “I cannot drive when I am sitting down.”

I caught a kid driving his bumper car sitting on his knees. His mom operated the foot pedal. When the kid got back in line, I told him he could not sit like that. He told me that he was unable to drive otherwise. I had measured the kid the first time he rode and told him that he was not tall enough to drive (the bumper cars have a height restriction to ride and another one to drive). I let the kid and his dad this time on the ride and once I got it started, I saw the kid was still driving but sitting flat even though I had just told him he could not drive.

  1. People dry off the seats on a water ride.

All employees laugh when a person insists on taking a dry seat or toweling off a wet seat on a water ride. They are going to get wet anyway!

  1. Food is not allowed on the rides so people will throw it away.

Food is not allowed on the rides. It is no big deal; the person usually just leaves it off to the side. But when it comes to the sky ride, nothing can be left behind because a person will not be coming back to that particular end. People will throw away their expensive food and drinks because they want to get on immediately. We never told them they had to throw it away. The ride is not going anywhere. They can finish their snack and then get on.

  1. The amusement park cannot hold personnel possessions.

People are crazy when it comes to their stuff. There are only a few rides where people can leave behind their items because it becomes a safety hazard to have that stuff with them. But those are the rides where people insist on taking their stuff with them (and a few have lost things like cell phones). But when it comes to rides where people must take their stuff with them, that is where they throw a fit that they cannot leave it behind.


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