No New Year Resolutions

I am not one for making New Year resolutions. Why should I make a promise to myself to do something that I am not going to keep? And if I really do want to make changes to my life, why should I wait until the beginning of the year? Why not start right away?


There have been times in the past where I have decided I am going to eat healthier or get more exercise (it is never at the beginning of the year though). Even before I begin, I have my doubts that I am going to be successful. I do not like healthy food and I hate to exercise. I know that I am never going to keep my resolution. And of course, I never do.


I have a friend that is constantly vowing to lose weight. And each time she tells me about it, I know that she will not be successful. She says she is going to eat right and exercise but than she makes a lot of excuses. She does not eat right because she does not like the food being served in the cafeteria. She does not exercise because she does not have any one to go with her to the gym.


If you are going to make a resolution (at the beginning of the year or anytime after) your heart has got to be in it. You have to be serious about wanting the results or you are going to give up. You also cannot expect instant results or take it to the extreme or you will burnout immediately.


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