Planning Ahead

The other day on the Ellen show, she was making fun of people who like to plan very far in advance. She made a joke about planning to go canoeing with someone three months ahead of time and then did not feel like canoeing when the time rolled around.


I have a friend that likes to plan ahead. When we were in college, she would ask me if I wanted to go to the dollar store with her that weekend. I refused to make a commitment when it was only Monday. I did not know what the week ahead would bring. I might decide that I want to go home that weekend. Besides, going to the store is something that can be decided at the last minute.


This same friend would also write down on her calendar if we talked about seeing a particular movie. Of course, this was several weeks in advance. I told her when she put the date on her calendar that it was not a commitment. The weather could be bad or something could come up.

This friend finally got the idea that we could talk about plans but I would not commit to anything until the date approached. With my depression, I never knew what I would feel like doing at the time. I could make plans and then feel depressed when the time came around. Then, I wished I had never committed to anything.


I see nothing wrong with planning ahead. But I am one that believes that some plans are last minute things (like a shopping trip downtown). Now, bigger events need to be planned more in advance but not too far in advance.


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