Prom 2

I have mentioned before my opinions of prom (see prom blog). I am writing about prom again this time for my brother, who recently decided not to go to prom his senior year.


I was not surprised when my brother said that he was not going to prom this year. He went last year and while I think he enjoyed spending time with his friends, a big fancy dance is not really his thing. I had a feeling that he would not go this year but I did not try to persuade him either way.


My cousin, who is also a senior this year, was furious when she found out that my brother was not going to prom. One time, she asked me to talk to her privately. She said she knew a girl that wanted to go to prom with him and was thinking about asking him soon. My cousin asked me if she should tell the girl not to ask. I thought that was best because than the girl could be saved embarrassment and possibly hurt feelings. We did not have a chance to talk any more because my brother walked into the room. I was actually kind of relieved too. I did not want to talk about my brother or my opinions of prom.


I do not know if my brother and cousin group dated last year and that is why my cousin is so angry or if there is another reason. I really think she wanted to set up one of her friends and that is all that she cares about. But I am on my brother’s side on this issue. My brother tried prom last year and I think that is the important thing.


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