Prom with a Much Older Boyfriend

The rule for prom is that your date must be under twenty one. It makes sense. They are trying to keep alcohol out of it. But this year, there is a senior that is dating a guy that is too old to go. She protested to the school board and now she gets to bring her boyfriend to prom.


I do not believe that a girl in high school should be dating a guy that is so much older than her anyway. That is ok when a person gets older, but what could a high school girl possibly have in common with a guy that is either in college or working full time? It is not like there are going to be many mutual friends or interests.


The problem with the school board allowing this to happen is that they are going to have future requests from people who want to bring older dates. This is a gateway to making it easier for high school students to either consume alcohol before or after the prom.


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