Prom can be a stressful time for both males and females but especially for females. There is so much to do to make sure that they can have one night to feel special. Girls have to buy the perfect dress that no one else will be wearing. They also have to get their nails done, buy shoes, and get their hair done. They have to make sure they have a date. And then there are dinner plans and pictures to arrange. Prom is an expensive and busy social event that in my opinion, could almost done without.


I was not sure that I would even be able to go to prom because there was no way that I could afford the dress. My mom managed to find me one really cheap at the secondhand store and then she loaned me a pair of shoes. My mom bought me a corsage because I was one of the few girls in my school that was ok with going by myself. I painted my own nails and my cousin did my hair. If she hadn’t been around, I would have just left my hair alone. I went to an inexpensive restaurant with my friends for dinner and then I paid the prom admission fee. Prom did not cost me very much.


I did not go to my senior prom partly because I felt inferior compared to the other girls but also because I found prom to be extremely boring. I do not dance so I just had to stand off to the side and hope that my friends didn’t feel like dancing all that much.


Prom isn’t for the poor. It just doesn’t seem right that girls have to spend so much money for a high school dance just so that they can feel special. And really, all of that is a waste of money. The expensive dress will only be worn once because they have to get a new dress for senior year. If I had gone to prom a second time, I would have been expected to rewear my dress. The expensive shoes that all the girls wore were put in the corner once they arrived at the dance because their feet hurt. The fake nails were torn off the next week because nobody could stand them.


There is already enough injustice in high school for some students. Why does there need to be an expensive dance so that the poor can be left out. I do not care if prom is one night for girls to feel special. Save that special time for the wedding.


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