Reading Books for School

Once I read a book for school, I never will read the book again. Even though the story may have been enjoyable, I will never pick up the book again because I now hate it. Once a book has been read for school, the fun has been lost. The book has been destroyed from the tests, quizzes, projects, and questions that have been assigned for it.


I remember reading Huckleberry Finn junior year and the amount of work that went with it. We had over one hundred vocabulary words that we had to make vocabulary maps for. Some of the words were not even in the dictionary. I really do like the plot of the book but after all that ridiculous nonsense, I will never look at the book the same way again.


When we read Hamlet senior year, we spent over three months reading the book as a class. We did not have to read the book at home. We had to watch two versions of the movie. While this book was not destroyed by projects or vocabulary or tests (my teacher did not assign us anything but a paper at the end) it was ruined for me because we spent so long on it.


When reading a book for a class, there does need to be some discussion as well as tests or quizzes or maybe a project. But if you go overboard with the book, the joy is lost from reading. And for kids that already do not like to read, they are not likely to pick up another book voluntarily.


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