With a tough job market due to the economy, it is difficult to find a job. I am no stranger to being turned down for jobs. It really does not seem fair. I mean, I will get rejection letters saying that there were seventy people that applied for one position. It frustrates me because I still have not found a job. I thought college was supposed to make you marketable. What is the point of even going to college if you can’t even get a job? What I hate most about applying for all these jobs is the way some people go about rejecting you.


I got my first rejection in the form of a letter. I was really angry about that because I never even got an interview. I couldn’t see how they could justify turning me down when they never even got to know me. I understand now that they couldn’t possibly interview that many people. It still frustrated me when more and more rejection letters came in the mail or through email. Some rejection letters were nicer than others. Some actually gave the names of people they chose to hire. I actually knew one of the people they hired. When I finally get hired, I do not want my name out there. I do not want everyone that applied to have a grudge against me.


I did get to go to a few interviews. One time, I drove over four hours to go to an interview and the guy hardly asked me any questions. He knew where I was from and was more interested in talking about that. The thing is, he was an older guy so I didn’t know any of the people he was talking about. Then, I waited for a long time to hear back from him. Several days had passed before the rejection letter finally arrived in the mail. I was angry that he had made me drive all that way for nothing and then didn’t even have the nerve to call me.


Another time, I went to an interview and was told that since I had made the effort to come in and meet with them, that I would most definitely be contacted. I kept waiting for a response but never did hear from them. The only thing I can think that happened is that they sent a rejection letter but I never got it. I had just recently moved for the summer. The interviewer knew I was not living at home. That’s why I can’t understand why they sent me a letter.


Another awful interview I had happened after I drove over three hours away. This time, the interviewer told me that they were doing a series of interviews and that if I made it to the next step, I would have to come back. I was greatly annoyed because I did not want to have to come back again just to be rejected in the end. I did not make it to the next step but I was annoyed with their process.


It is a tough job market and it really is not fair. I have experienced a lot of rejection. I know the right job is out there and God will lead me there, in His time. I just need to be patient and eventually, I will get hired.


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