Relaxed Rules

As time goes on, my parents have gotten more relaxed about their rules. It really seems unfair because my brothers are able to get away with things that I never could. Part of it has to do with the fact that I have fought for some changes (see my blog on growing up). But another part of it has to do with my parents not wanting to fight anymore and seeing that we can handle ourselves.


When I was growing up, my parents had a very strict dress code for church. I had to wear a dress and nice shoes (there is a reason I never wear dresses anymore). I started fighting the rule and eventually got it so that I could wear pants every couple weeks. Now, my parents do not care if my brothers wear jeans and flip flops to church.


My parents used to have very strict rules about the computer. They only allowed us to be on for thirty minutes a day. Now, my parents say that they have a rule about the computer but they never enforce it so my brothers can spend as much time as they want playing.


Finally, my parents used to have very strict rules on chores. I never had a lot of chores but I certainly had more than my brothers.


It just does not seem fair that as the oldest kid, I get stuck with all the strict rules. My brothers have no idea how easy they have it.


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