In a family as large as mine, I am no stranger to secondhand clothes. Sometimes, people would be cleaning their closets and they would give my family clothes. Other times, we would go to a secondhand store and buy clothes that were used but still looked new or were in pretty good shape. I am not lacking in clothes. I have a closet and dresser full of clothes. I am not really big into fashion so I usually alternate between two pairs of pants and two sweatshirts (they are clean because laundry is done often). My clothes needs are met.


A couple months ago, someone had dropped off a ton of clothes at my grandma’s house for my aunts and cousin and my mom and me to go through. Anything we did not want would be donated to Goodwill. My aunt kept handing me clothes and I was supposed to tell her if I wanted them or not. I mostly told her no. She was getting really mad at me because I wanted almost nothing. She made some very rude comments which were really uncalled for. I had my reasons for not taking the clothes. It is not like she is the one buying my clothes.


The first reason I did not take much that day was because the clothes were slightly too big for me and were not my style. I have a general rule not to wear anything that is going to cause me to feel uncomfortable or self conscious. I want to be confident in what I am wearing. I would not feel that way in clothes that were too big and were not my usual style.


The other reason I did not take that many clothes that day, even to be polite, was because I my closet and dresser were full and I had no room to store clothes that I would never wear.  If I had taken everything my aunt had wanted me to take, it would have sat in my closet for several months before I finally decided to clean and give it to the Goodwill. By not taking the clothes the first time, I saved myself some cleaning as well as months of a messy closet.


I have nothing against secondhand clothes. But the comments my aunt made that day really hurt. I had my reasons for not taking the clothes. She just could not understand my reasons.or mi


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