Selfies are becoming very popular. The other day on the news though, I learned that people who take too many selfies might have mental problems.


To me, people that take selfies are full of themselves. I had a friend in high school that took a lot of pictures of herself because she thought she looked really good. I thought she was full of herself then and selfies were not such a big deal. They certainly did not have a name.


One of my college friends one time posted a picture of herself online that she took using her cell phone and a mirror. She was dressed up and did look nice. But to me, it looked like all she wanted was admiration from others.


The whole selfie craze has gone overboard. If a couple friends get together and they want to take pictures of an occasion, that is fine. But if a single person takes a picture of themselves just to show off what they look like, that is just a little weird. Obviously, you think you look good and you want to share yourself with the rest of the world.


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