Senior Trip

My junior year in high school, we were required to sell magazines for prom. We had to sell a certain number because after prom was paid for, the extra was going to go for our senior trip. If we didn’t make our goal, individually we would have to pay more. At the time, I wasn’t sure if I was going to prom or on the senior trip so I wasn’t too worried about selling magazines. In fact, I would have sold none but than my mom realized that there was a really good deal on a magazine that my grandma bought for both my aunt and uncle and my mom so I ended up selling a total of three magazines. No one else in my class did very well either and we got yelled at for it. We were given extra time but no one used it.


At the end of our junior year, we had another meeting to discuss where we wanted to go on our senior trip. A lot of restrictions had been put on the trip because the seniors that year went really far away and the trip ended up costing a lot of money. The school board was not pleased and said that we could only go to surrounding states.


A bossy girl in our class had been discussing the trip with the class sponsor and they pretty much decided where we were going. I would have been angry if I had had any intention of going but since I wasn’t, I went along with the location.


At the beginning of senior year, we had another class meeting. Right away, we were told that if we weren’t going, than we could leave. I was the first one out of the room. Several others were quick to follow. I had several reasons for not going. First, I did not like the class sponsor and couldn’t imagine working with her on fundraising. Second, I hated fundraising. I was not going to go door-to-door selling things that people did not want. Last, my mom didn’t want me to go because she had heard bad things that had happened the year before. She would have let me go if I had wanted but I didn’t.


One of the class sponsors came up to me later that day and asked me if I was positive about not going. I knew why she was asking me. My family is large and can’t afford things like the senior trip. But with all the fundraising, the trip is supposed to be available to everyone. I just told the sponsor that my mom and I had already talked about it and she left me alone.


As time went on, more and more people dropped out of the trip. The bossy girl in my class couldn’t understand why. First of all, we had a lot of poor students in our class that couldn’t afford the trip and didn’t really have people that would be willing to buy things from them. Second, most of the class didn’t have very good grades and probably wouldn’t have been academically eligible.


By the time of the senior trip, I think almost half the class went. That meant hardly anyone because our class was very small. Those of us that didn’t go actually got to stay home. I can’t imagine why they would let us except that they probably didn’t want to try to have senior classes with people missing.


The next year, the school board let the senior class go to a state that wasn’t surrounding. The next year, they did go to a surrounding state but that was the last trip because there wasn’t a lot of interest.


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