Small Town Life

I recently moved to a small town of 240 people. Now, I am from a small town. I lived in a small town of three thousand. And even though I am used to knowing almost everybody in the community as well as their personal business, I cannot help but notice that there are even more interesting things about this new small community.

When I went to the grocery store my second day here, I could not help but be shocked by how it worked. Everything had price stickers on it. There was no scanner to ring up purchases. Instead, the cashier had to manually type in the price of each item.

I was even more shocked when I went to the library. I asked to sign up for a library card and the librarian looked at me in confusion. When you check out a book, you write your name on the card on the inside and the librarian will write the due date on the inside pocket. I am used to librarians scanning barcodes on the books and stamping the due date on the inside.

And if I thought the grocery store and library were shocking, I was even more shocked when I went to another store that sold almost everything a person could possibly need. The guy behind the counter told me that they could not process credit cards. I was not sure if I had enough cash with me but the guy assured me that that was all right because they had charge accounts. Only in a community this small can someone be so trusting.

Despite the differences in business, the town is starting to grow on me even after only being here a week. Everyone is very friendly. I was shocked again the other day when the pastor from the church I attended on Sunday stopped by the school to give me a cookbook. He said he had gone to my apartment but when nobody answered the door, he figured that I would be at the school getting my classroom ready. I guess that is small town life for you!


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