Social Media

In high school, everyone was going on and on about first one social media site and then another until Facebook finally became popular. I was left out of this craze because I knew that my parents wouldn’t approve of me putting personal information out there on the internet. I also was a little hesitant too. Plus, since I had to share my family’s computer, I really didn’t want to have a Facebook account. People asked me if I was ever going to get one and I said maybe in college. Just in case I didn’t though, I got all my friends email addresses.

            I emailed my friends a couple times the summer after we graduated. They usually emailed me back, but not all of them responded right away. I really didn’t care though. As we started college, I knew we would be busy. At some point during my freshmen year though, I realized that I really had no idea what was going on in my high school friends’ lives and that slowly, our friendships were falling apart.

            Not having Facebook in college was starting to become a problem. And not just because I was losing track of my old friends. My English class had a Facebook group page for assignments. Since I didn’t have an account, I had to email my professor. I was also not getting notifications about groups that I belonged to because I didn’t have Facebook.

            Finally, at the end of my freshmen year, I gave in and created a Facebook page. My friends all laughed when I did it because I had just written my final paper for English about the cons of social media. I was tired of being left out of things though.

            I thought that creating a Facebook would help strengthen the friendships that I had lost after leaving high school. And after having an account for less than a day, I had a ton of friend requests. Most of them were people I knew either from high school or college. Some people kind of creeped me out though. I had a request from the dad of one of the girls I had gone to high school with. If I had seen the guy on the street, I wouldn’t have even known him.

            I turned down a lot of requests the first few days. I wasn’t just going to add anybody. I didn’t care if we had gone to high school together. If we weren’t close, I wasn’t adding them. I made some people mad but I really didn’t care. I was only adding close friends and acquaintances.

            I quickly figured out that just because I had Facebook didn’t mean that I had a ton of friends. The friendships that had fallen apart were over. Facebook wasn’t going to change that.

            As time went on, I unfriended a lot of people. Some of these people I found annoying because they posted all the time or used inappropriate language. Other people I unfriended because I really didn’t care about them anymore. I hadn’t seen them in years and it was time to move on.

            Another problem I found with Facebook was the games. Shortly after I got an account, I started playing Farmville. By the time I began playing, almost everyone else had given it up. I didn’t care though. I still found it fun. But after several months of playing, I realized that I was addicted and needed to give it up. I was planting crops every morning for no reason. I would plant them and then pick them and then plant more. I wasn’t spending the money I got for the crops because I was out of available land space to do anything else. I finally gave up the game; only to get addicted to another one later. I gave up that game after a couple weeks though.

            There have been times when I have thought about giving up Facebook. I get on and quickly read through the posts of people but I could live without that. Most people don’t post anything worth reading anymore. I also rarely chat with anyone. I guess the main reason I haven’t given it up yet is because it is an easy way to talk to the few people in my life that really do matter.



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