Sports and Grades

On the radio this morning, they were talking about a state that requires students to be passing four classes in order to play sports. A school district is considering changing the requirement so that athletes must have a 2.0 GPA in order to play sports.


I do not know what my high school or state required because I did not play sports and had pretty good grades. I think that if an athlete was failing two classes or something like that than they were ineligible to play. I think that requiring students to just pass four classes is ridiculous. Especially since I took seven to eight classes a semester in high school. And the rule said nothing about D’s. That is not a very good grade.


A 2.0 is a C average. I do not think it should be that difficult to attain. If sports really mean that much to a person, they will manage their time well and hit the books a little more often. School should be about education first and then extracurricular activities. Athletes can use sports as an incentive to earn good grades. Most people are not going to make a career out of sports. That is why they need an education.


The radio went on to talk about another school district that had a tough grade requirement for athletes and how an entire team had to sit out for a season. I think it is great that so much value is being put on education there. As a society, sports sometimes get too much emphasis. There are great things about sports, but education must come first.


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