Stop Yelling

Do you know people that yell all the time? I have a family member that yells at one of her kids all the time. I feel really bad for him because he does not deserve it. Yeah, he is not perfect but he is just a kid. He is going to make mistakes. There are times that he is going to act like a kid. And there is nothing wrong with that.


I know some people that are quick to yell over stupid things. My dad stopped the car in the middle of the road one day when it had just snowed and yelled at my brothers for something stupid. They were acting like kids. There was nothing wrong with their behavior. That was a major overreaction that could have had dangerous consequences.


I am not saying that there is not a time and place for yelling. But there are some people that yell way too much. Why not take a deep breath, think about the situation, and deal with it in another way? And with that said, keep in mind that kids are going to do things that you do not like. Still, they should be given the opportunity to be a kid.


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