Stupid Rules

Have you ever watched those TV shows where the dad is so angry that he starts making ridiculous rules? One TV show I watched had the dad making rules about a teenage girl that could date when she was thirty and the rest of the kids who could not watch TV for a month. And of course, the rules never lasted because they were so stupid.


My dad can be the same way. One time, he got mad at my brothers for making popcorn really late at night. Actually, it was not really late. My dad just likes to go to bed very early. So then, my dad made this stupid rule about how popcorn could not be made after seven o’clock at night. That rule did not last very long because even my dad was paying for it. When we eat dinner at six o’clock, nobody is ready for popcorn and a movie an hour later.


If you want to make rules, you have to make them realistic with reasonable consequences or they are never going to work.


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