Mind Control-How OCD Directs My Life

My favorite TV shows are The Middle and Big Bang Theory. Brick and his whispering under his breath just makes me laugh. And Sheldon is pretty hilarious with his need to knock three times on Penny’s door as well as his other quirks. I did not realize that when I first started watching the shows that the characters had OCD. And I did not realize that it would soon become a part of my life.

I always thought OCD was people who washed their hands a hundred times a day or people who needed to have a perfectly clean house. That is why it took me awhile to realize that I probably had mild OCD symptoms.

It started out small. First, I needed my pen to face a certain way on my desk. Then, my cell phone had to be the same way. It eventually progressed to many more things as well as having to follow certain routines such as the way I get dressed and brush my teeth. I was consumed by horrible, repetitive thoughts and it has gotten to the point now that my life is being controlled by these routines and thoughts. If things are not done right, I believe that something bad will happen. 

Before, I would see the people on TV that needed to wash their hands a ton of times and I would think that it was weird. Surely a person can tell themselves that their hands are clean. But after being consumed personally by these OCD thoughts, I realize that it is not funny. OCD controls the mind. And it is more than just being bothered by chipped nail polish, like some people think.


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