Thank You Notes

A couple years ago, I was invited to a friend’s wedding. I had not had much to do with this friend since we graduated high school but I still decided to go. I did not have a lot of money at the time because I was a college student and only working a few hours a day for the summer. I debated about whether I should give her a gift. Finally, I ended up sticking a few dollars in the card.


While I did not give her very much money, I knew it was the thought that counted. Besides, for a newly married couple, every little bit helps.


I kept waiting for a thank you card after the wedding but eventually decided I was not going to get one. I am curious to know whether she just decided that my gift was unworthy or whether she did not send any thank you notes to anyone.


A few years after that, my friend got pregnant and invited me to her baby shower. I was unable to attend the shower because I had to work but I debated whether I should send her a gift. I finally decided not to because I did not get a thank you note from the wedding.


Sending thank you notes may seem old fashioned but it shows that you appreciated the gift. Nobody had to give you anything (no matter how big or small). A thank you note does not have to be that detailed either. In fact, I one time sent a thank you email because I did not have the person’s address. I still wanted to thank the person for the gift though.


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