The Amazing Author

When I first started writing, I thought that I was an amazing author. I was able to write pages and pages of an interesting story. I did not know anyone else that actually enjoyed writing let alone was able to write something like me. I was so proud of my first book that I thought it should be published. I was so proud of my consecutive books that I actually printed them out and put them in a binder. It was my dream to someday be a real published author.


It is still my dream to be a published author but my head is not nearly as big when it comes to judging my writing. I realize that not just anyone who writes a book will get it published. Not everyone can be that good.


The same goes for people who play sports. A person might be good enough to play varsity in high school but that does not mean they are good enough to play college sports. And even if they are good enough to play in college, there is a good chance they will never play professionally. There are many levels of talent when it comes to athletics.


The same is true of music. A talented singer in high school might get a solo or the lead in the musical. But that is probably the end of their music career. Performing on Broadway or in front of crowds of thousands is a whole different level.


Practice does make perfect though. I am going to continue working on my writing. And maybe, if it is God’s plans for me, I will someday be at that level where I am good enough to be published.


One thought on “The Amazing Author

  1. I think that it probably comes more naturally to some than others – like with sport. But I think even those who are published learn something as they go along. I’ve been learning about writing as I’ve been writing my first book. I look back at what I wrote a year ago…and I groan. Hopefully in another year, it’s better again!


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