The Cell Phone Addiction

People are very addicted to their cell phones. They can’t go very long without checking them. If the phone is about to die, this is reason to panic. And if a person won’t call or text them back, that is a reason to fret. The cell phone is probably the most important possession most people own. Without it, they feel that they will die.


I got my first cell phone right before I left for college. My parents worried about me driving back and fourth so they gave me my dad’s old phone in case something was to happen. I didn’t have texting or voicemail but it did what it was supposed to: Call. Primarily, my phone was used to call my mom once a week just to tell her how life was going at school. I had that phone for three years and then the battery would not stay charged. That is when I got a new phone. This time, I had voicemail but still no texting. Again, my phone was meant for calling. This meant calls from my friends or subbing and nothing else. I have a reputation of never answering my phone but I just do not like carrying it around in my pocket. I am afraid it is going to fall out. My phone is not the most important possession in my life.


Sometimes, I even refuse to answer my phone. I had a friend one time that called me every day during a school break. I got so annoyed with her because she really didn’t have anything to talk about. She was just bored and using me as well as another friend as her entertainment.


I also refused to answer my phone several times when I was manager of the pool. I was tired of getting phone calls from lifeguards that couldn’t work. It is not like they even tried to find another lifeguard to work for them. And it wasn’t like they would come in even if they couldn’t find a replacement. They wanted me to be the one to excuse them from work and try to find someone else to come in. I just didn’t want to hear all their excuses so I ignored their phone calls.


I even used to shut my phone off sometimes at night. I don’t do that now that I am a substitute teacher but I got a couple wrong numbers during the night and I realized that there was no need for my phone to be on. I don’t feel sorry for people that complain that they don’t get enough sleep because someone wouldn’t stop texting or calling them. I just tell them to not answer their phone or not text them back. I am really good at making excuses to get off the phone.


This summer, I worked at an amusement park and we were told that if we were caught with our phones than we could get fired. We were also told that a cell phone was not a good reason to get fired. But I know of a couple people that got in trouble for their phone. An amusement park is no place for a phone anyway. I constantly got reports of people who lost their cell phones from their pockets when they were on a roller coaster. There were also people that threw fits because they didn’t want to take their phone on water rides. When my friend and I went on one of my days off, I told her to leave the phone in the car because it was safer that way.


Cell phones also give people an excuse to ignore the people around them. I hated it in high school when my friends would get on their cell phones when we weren’t doing anything in choir and just ignore me. I had another friend that would tell me to stop walking and wait for her because she couldn’t walk and text at the same time. Often, I kept walking. I also watched a kid at the amusement park get ignored twice in one day because his mom was busy talking on her cell phone. He didn’t get to ride anything while she was talking. People are just rude with their cell phones. That is why I usually don’t answer my phone when I am around people. Plus, it is really no one’s business what I am talking about. If it is that important, they will leave a message or call back.


Cell phones can be a great invention but there is more to life. I would rather spend time with actual people and doing things with my time than texting people stupid messages or calling people just for someone to talk to. I want my life to mean more than a cell phone.


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