The English Scholarship

When I was a senior in high school, my English teacher heard about this national scholarship involving reading this certain book and then writing an essay. She encouraged us all to participate.


I began reading the book but it was long, difficult, and boring. I finally quit reading the book.


As the deadline for the scholarship approached, my teacher suddenly told us that the book and essay had been an assignment for class and that it was due soon. Everyone in the class was angry. We had thought we were doing this voluntarily. We did not have time now to read that awful book.


Again, I picked up the book and tried to read it. It was just as bad as before. And then, I did something I had never done before. I looked up a chapter summary of the book on internet. The chapter summary was just as bad as the actual book. There were a lot of chapters and it took awhile to read each summary. I finally gave up reading the summaries and just wrote the essay. I knew my essay was horrible. I only hoped that everyone else had written essays that were just as bad.


As the deadline approached, my teacher finally decided that she would cancel the assignment. She had heard there was another scholarship involving a different book by the same author. Only this scholarship was for college freshmen. She found the book online and ordered a copy for everyone except me. I refused to pay money for a book that I would never read. I did not like this author and I did not want her taking up space on my bookshelf. I told my teacher that I would get the book from the library.


As everyone in my class said at the time, “We paid money to get out of an assignment.”


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