The Life of a Pet

Often, I look at my fish and I am envious of his life. He has it so easy. His only job is to eat. The rest of the day, he can swim around and make bubbles. He does not have to do anything to take care of himself because I do it for him. I change his water. I feed him. I make sure that his needs are being wet.


Why in the world would I be envious of a fish when I can do so much more with my life? I can get out and have fun. I can make something of myself. My fish will never do any of that. I guess I am jealous of my fish’s life because he does not have any expectations from anyone. He gets to live a life free from stress and work. He does not have to deal with the cruel world.


My fish might never get to do spectacular things with his life, but I am still jealous of the carefree life he will always have while I am stuck with the stress and problems of the world around me.


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