The Person You Only Thought You Knew

The girl you called a nerd at lunch has anxiety problems. But despite her problems, she still managed to graduate debt free in three and a half years from college.


The friend that you considered boring suffers from depression. She has become withdrawn and does not want to hang out.


The lab partner that you decided needed a makeover is poor and cannot afford the clothes and makeup that you think she needs.


The manager you yelled at because you did not like her decisions will cut tonight.


The classmate you bullied will come home from school crying.


The acquaintance you did not invite to your party just needs a friend.


The senior that did not participate in many senior activities could not afford the cost.


The student in front of you is considering suicide.


The friend you blamed was innocent. She has enough going on in her life at the moment without you adding to her problems.


The roommate you teased because she does not drink is a Christian with strong values.


The coworker you called a witch with a different letter is just doing her job.


The employee that you yelled at is trying to give up cutting.


The grown child you criticized is doing everything she could to find a job in this tough economy.


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