The Power of Senses

Our senses are amazing. Often, I think we take advantage of what they do for us. It is not until one is missing that we realize how much we miss it. For example, when we have a cold, it is often difficult to smell or taste anything. Lately though I have realized that our senses can do so much more. I have realized that certain smells and sounds remind me of past events. I had no idea before that my senses could be part of a memory.


A couple summers ago, I managed the pool. It was an awful experience. Everyday, we would play loud music for all swimmers to hear. We always had the same radio station playing. It was nothing to hear the same song played a couple times a day. One day, I had had enough of the pool and I resigned from my job. I was left with a haunting reminder though every time I turned on the radio. That was too bad because I really did like some of the songs before the pool became a horrible place. I finally had to switch radio stations for a couple months until some new popular songs came along. Occasionally, I will still hear one of those songs and bad memories will come back. I have gotten lucky with a few of my favorites though. I have listened to them enough times that they no longer bring up horrible memories.


Another time, a song was ruined for me because my brother listened to it right after learning the news that my grandma had just died. Every time I heard the song, I was reminded of that horrible day. Again, it took listening to that song many times for the memories associated with it to go away. That was the same with some of the songs played at her funeral.


Smell also brings back powerful memories for me. I cannot smell sunscreen without instantly being reminded of the pool. I also cannot smell the scent of a certain cleaner without being reminded of cleaning the locker rooms at the pool. But then my lotion I am using right now brings back good memories of the summer.


It is amazing what the power of smell and sound can do for a person. If only they would bring back only good memories instead of mostly bad ones.


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