The Tortures of PE

I can understand the importance of PE in school. In today’s society, many kids are overweight. Also, students need a break from the regular classroom in order to get some exercise. PE is very important but for those that are not athletic, it can be torture.


One bad thing about PE was picking teams. Nobody ever wanted me on their team because I was going to be no help in winning the game. I remember the horrible feeling of standing in front of the teams waiting to be one of the last picked. I knew I wasn’t welcome on the team and it really hurt. I just wanted to have fun.


I had one teacher that did not care how athletic we were. I was ok with that most of the time until it came to baseball. The pitcher was forced to pitch it over and over to me until I was finally able to hit it. I was humiliated because I had exceeded my three strikes a long time ago and I just could not hit it. My teacher would not let me strike out and that was frustrating the pitcher as well as all the athletic students in the class.


Dodgeball was also a torture that I had to endure all the time. I was not a target because I could not throw the ball without someone on the other team catching it and I could rarely catch it. I just had to run around and avoid getting hit. And if I ended up with a ball, I would just pass it to someone who could throw. What I hated most about dodgeball was getting hit. The balls we had to use really hurt. It did not help when they were thrown really hard.


Basketball was another torture for me. I remember playing games where I did not touch the ball the entire class period. All I did was run back and fourth on the court and wish that someone would just pass me the ball once. Yeah, there was a good chance that I would miss and the other team would get it, but I just wanted the chance to play. Instead, I got the opportunity to run and look like I was participating the entire time.


One game I really liked to play was badminton. I was actually decent at it. But even that was taken away from me because I was not the most athletic in the class. One year, there were not enough nets for everyone in the class so I was stuck doing cup stacking with a couple other students like me. There is only so much cup stacking you can do before you go crazy.


Whenever I did have a miraculous feat in PE, everyone would go on and on about it. Once in awhile, I would catch the ball or make a basket and then it was a big deal. Seriously, I already got enough embarrassment in PE. I did not need praise for something that almost anyone else could do with no problems.


Thankfully, PE in high school was based on participation; otherwise I probably would have failed based on what I had the opportunity to do and what I could do. I understand the importance of PE, but that does not make me like it anymore.


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