Top Things You Will See at an Amusement Park

During the summer, I work as a ride operator at an amusement park. After awhile, you begin to notice things about the people. Here are some things that are common about the amusement park visitors.

  1. Major obesity-These people do not fit in a lot of the rides. I often see them in line and get worried because I know that while they will not fit, we have to at least try to accommodate them. It is horrible when you finally have to give up and tell them they cannot ride.
  2. Tattoos-I do not know how these people can even get jobs because they have tattoos every where. One time, I was about to tell a person that I liked her socks. Then, I realized that the woman was not wearing extremely long socks. She had tattoos about halfway up her leg.
  3. Piercings-These piercings are just not in the ears; they are everywhere. Some piercings are not even in common places.
  4. Lack of clothing-Being at an amusement park somehow means that people should run around in little to no clothing. It is very common for women to run around in swimsuit tops (sometimes you really want to tell them to cover up because they are not that attractive). One time I noticed a young girl probably twelve or thirteen walking around in a shirt that had been cut on the sides. You could clearly see her bra. I did not think that was appropriate for a young girl. On really hot days, it is common for guys to walk around with no shirts even though shirts are required on all rides.


These are not just things you notice on a few people at the amusement park. These are things you notice about the majority of the people that visit.


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